I have always been fascinated by spiritual phenomena. Although I was not born with a spiritual gift like some of the celebrity psychics and mediums, I read many books on the broad subject from UFO to angels, and those books included some how-to's such as developing psychic abiltiy.

When I was in high school, I knew someone up there was guiding me even though life was pretty eventless. Yet I was not that serious about studying the spiritual material. It was something fun to know about but I didn't think I could do anything about it. In fact when Uri Geller became popular for spoon bending, I tried and nothing happened. (I think my sister was able to!) Disappointed by the lack of talent, I stayed outside of trying anything more for a long while.

As many of you can relate to, life after school was full of unexpected events. Some were good. Some were bad. And some were really bad. It was those really terribly bad events that made me think,
"What am I doing?"
"Why am I living?"
"What am I supposed to do in life?"
I started to going back to reading more books on spiritual theme.

I went to many psychics trying to figure out what was happening and what to do with life. But none of them gave me clear ideas. It was my then friend, psychic Kelly Roberts who introduced me to meditation for the first time. It was fun. I was able to see what the other world was like through meditation.

Now many years later, I meditate daily. I communicates with my spirit guides frequently. In fact, now I trust their information more than any suggestions from my friends. (Sorry friends!!) I work with my guides to give guidance to others when I'm asked.

I started this site because I want you to remember why you are here, living as a human being, doing what you are doing, experiencing good and bad, loving and hating, having a ball but sometimes feeling lost. Living life is a part of yoru soul's progress. Everyone here was born with purpose: to learn a lesson that he/she chose to learn. Living life is like going to school. You study one subject, take a test, pass the test and go to the next level. Take a different class, learn the subject, take a test, fail it, study harder, take another test, pass it and move on. Graduation from this life school is death. Only when you finish your lesson, you can go home with everlasting love and peace.

Don't think about leaving early on your own. You will have to come back and learn the same lesson again. If you are going through hardship now, stay put. You have strength and knowledge to come out of it. Peace Pilgrim said, "Problems are opportunities in disguise." That is true. Learn from it and turn it around to your benefit.

If you are interested in private session, I'll offer my service in LA area.
I'll do general reading and healing with my guide, Dr. Okamoto.
Just give me an e-mail or call and leave a message to make an appointment.

Let's do our best to live this life with a bunch of love, joy, fun, and excitement!

With Love
Your Earth Life Guide

Carla Grace

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